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I work with adult individuals in areas such as:

  • Anxiety and stress (fear, worry, ruminating, nervousness, panic, phobias, and bodily tension)
  • Depression and mood (hopelessness, emptiness, self-worth, and despair)
  • Anger, Irritability, Self-Criticism.
  • Trauma (post-traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma; recent or past trauma; dissociation and dissociative disorders)
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Family of Origin Issues
  • Life Transitions, Grief and Loss (divorce, death, job loss, and mid-life transitions)
  • Relational Issues (attachment, connection, communication, conflict, emotional and sexual intimacy)
  • Spiritual Issues

I utilize a variety of psychotherapy and family systems models depending on the needs of the client. Information about several of those models are provided under services.